Interview with Justin Wajslaw IRON TIKITENDER FINALIST 2015 Seattle-based Craft Barman


Justin Wajslaw
IRON TIKITENDER FINALIST 2015 Seattle-based Craft Barman

1) Bucket List items for this year.

  • Competing in this years Iron TikiTender (He did)
  • Purchasing a case of Lemonhart 151 for personal use.
  • Attempting to track down an original bottle of Okolehao.
  • Visiting Hale Pele in Portland, OR and the Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver BC.

2) Biggest achievement you personally feel you have accomplished for the rum industry. 

That’s a bit of a tough one. Being able to start a tropical program in an establishment best known for its selection of whiskies and Scotches I feel is pretty noteworthy.

3) Favorite Drink + Recipe

Drink: Three Dots and a Dash
1/2oz Lime
1/2oz Orange
1/2oz Honey Mix
1/4oz Falernum
1/4oz Pimento Dram
Dash Angostura Bitters
1.5oz Aged Martinique Rhum
1/2oz Aged Demerara Rum
Shake all ingredients with crushed ice and dump into an Old Fashioned Glass. Add more crushed ice to top.
Mint sprig and three cherries and pineapple spear garnish.

4) Where do you see the rum industry today?

It appears to be growing rapidly with more of a demand

5) Where do you see the rum industry in 5 years?

I see a steady growth and continued interest from both industry professionals and consumers.

6) Share some (2-3) of your mentors and how they have helped you. 

I cannot say enough kind words about Jason Alexander and the Tacoma Cabana. Jason is constantly pushing boundaries on traditional Tropical cocktails and continues to impress. Always worth a trip down to Tacoma to see him.

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