The ideal 4 rums for spring break

That’s right, Spring has sprung! Everything is warming up, the air is crisp, and flowers are beginning to bloom. At Rum Lab, we will show you some fantastic rums for you to find and add to your collection, each month, we pick 4 Rums each month to reveal. This month’s selections are focusing on fun. These are rums are easy to make simple, refreshing drinks with and will titillate & excite as fun modifiers, or as a swap for another spirit in a favorite adult beverage. You can just mix them with soda and put them on ice or utilize the myriad of options they present. These are wonderfully fun rums, and will be wonderful additions to your collection!

Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy
This excellent rum was the brainchild of Alexandre Gabriel, cellar master ay Plantation and David Wondrich, noted author. Named after a Charles Dickens character whose favorite drink was “pineapple rum” –Reverend Stiggens’. First, they take small Victoria Pineapples and hand separate the aromatic skin from the juicy delicious pulp. Then they take the pulp and infuse it in rum letting rest until all of the flavors are transferred into the rum. While that is happening, they take the aromatic skins and infuse them into another rum and the distil that to capture the high, floral notes of the pineapple. After aging these two rums desperately, they are then blended together again to become Stiggens’ Fancy. The result is absolutely magnificent. It is as if you are biting into the best, most fresh, lovely pineapple and simultaneously taking a sip of lovely rich rum. YUM!

Taildragger Coffee Rum
Taildragger Coffee Rum is the perfect name for this flavored rum. Take Taildragger White Rum and Ethiopian coffee from Two Brothers Roasters and there you have it. Freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee is infused into white rum for several days. No artificial flavors or colors are ever added to this process. This is rum for a coffee lover, plain and simple. The flavor is dominated by coffee and all of the vibrant nuance you notice in Ethiopian coffee in particular –winey, berry & citrus fruits, and floral note with crisp acidity and the character of the roast also shining through. The rum character is most noticeable in the back note flavors like vanilla and toffee. This rum is very dry and there is plenty of room for you to sweeten it as you wish or even add milk or chocolate milk for a boozy coffee drink!

Clement Mahina Coco
This is a French Caribbean dance. This coconut delicacy, Mahina Coco is made with sumptuous pieces of young coconut that have been swimming in Rhum Agricole—YES! The Rhum Agricole shows supple, sexy, complexity, with sweet grassy notes and layers of minerality and the young coconut is tropical, creamy, soft, rich and sweetly round. The effect is transporting. Immediately you find yourself on an island paradise, slightly under/over dressed and excited for an afternoon/evening of fun. Perhaps dancing? Whatever you decide the full coconut freshness and elegantly layered Rhum nuance of this natural, flavored Rhum will be a pleasant treat for you to enjoy—however you choose to enjoy it.

STOLEN Smoked Rum
This fun spiced rum is bursting with excellent flavor and savory structure. STOLEN begins with column distilled rum from Trinidad. The rum is aged for up to 2 years in used American oak. The idea was to capture “Smoked” flavor nuance from infusing the rum with Colombian Arabica coffee, wholly distilled from same-day roasted beans. Then the roasted flavor is augmented by the creamy sweetness Madagascar vanilla and nutty, maple flavors of Moroccan fenugreek; all of this against the rum that is nicely rich and round from its time in charred American hardwood. The rum overall is a STOLEN experience that shines a smokey side of spiced rum that is deep and balanced with flavors of coffee, coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate and light hints of baking spice that playfully dance throughout and linger all the way to the finish.

Fun in the Spring time, there are your Four Rums for April! Enjoy these rums outside, or on your patio; mix up something fun and simple or astound with mixological creativity. Any way you serve these rums, they will please. As always, thanks so much for joining us on our rum journey and we hope that you find fun and rum blossoming all around you.

Author: Fede

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