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Co-Founder of & Rum Speakers


1. Who is RumCask?

RumCask are a group of three friends who all share a passion for rum amongst other things. We decided to come together to help spread our love of rum to the masses.

2. When did you know that rum was the one for you?

The journey began c.2000 but we’d say our first RumFest in 2007 sealed the deal!

3. Biggest accomplishment for the rum industry?

Hosting a series of masterclasses and tastings in collaboration with Revolver, Pusser’s, HSE, Angostura, Botran and Money Musk to name but a few!

4. What do you dislike about the rum industry at the moment?

The lack of standards, proper categorisation and what can pass as a “rum” these days!

5. Where do you stand on the great added-sugar debate that surrounds rum?

If a master blender feels his product is best with added sugar, then by all means add it in. We would however plead to let the consumer know that you have done this and the amount added. In whiskey for example a small amount of sugar added into a whiskey means it must be labelled a liqueur. The same should stand true with rum.

6. Who has brought the most recent innovative changes to rum and why?

Luca Gargano of Velier is trying to bring the categorisation of rum in line with the rest of the spirits industry. Looking past colour and into more relevant details will help to showcase the versatility of the category and help consumers understand more about what they are drinking and its true value.

7. What are 3 rum based cocktails that you would recommend to a newbie that illustrate the versatility of rum?

Classic Daiquiri. Quintessentially Rum through and through with the rum trinity (Lime, sugar and rum) in its finest. Usually with a good quality young rum that has been filtered to keep the colour.

Rum Punch.  A wonderful mix of tropical fruits with a beautiful kick which creeps up on you. Everybody has a unique recipe too, so you can adjust as you need to. Usually with an overproof rum, or a blend of more than one

Dark N Stormy (Or a variant of) Once again a completely different cocktail to showcase the diversity. A lovely spicy tang with a great rum kick. Also, unless it’s Goslings it can’t be called a Dark n Stormy!

8. Your 3 favourite master blenders now and why?

Joy Spence of Appleton. First female to hold the role and she is helping to push the category to a place that it should be. They also kept pot stills for a long time.

Richard Seale of Foursquare. One of the first to blend the single column and pot still and has kept true to rum.

Manny Oliver of Bacardi. How he is dealing with keeping the Bacardi brand as number one and still trying to satisfy purists at the same time

9. Any other words you’d like to share with us?

However you like your alcohol, neat or in a cocktail, with a mixer or with ice, there is a rum for you. You just haven’t discovered it yet!

Author: Jose Hoffmann

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