Rum Connoisseur Interview of The Week DARRIO PRESCOD Global Brand Ambassador and Mount Gay Visitors Centre Member

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Global Brand Ambassador and Mount Gay Visitors Centre Member

1) Who is Darrio Prescod?

Darrio Prescod is a Global Brand Ambassador, helping to spread the unique story and experience of Mount Gay to consumers and members of the trade community throughout the world. From hosting and blending events, to partnering with Master Blender Allen Smith for interviews, Darrio has been instrumental in educating and immersing individuals in the brand from the home country of Barbados to the world!

He has been a member of the Mount Gay family since 2011 where he first started at the Mount Gay Visitors Centre in Barbados, educating visitors about why Mount Gay Rum is so special, with the passion of a true bajan.

2) What made you fall in love with rum and when did it happen?

Being Bajan, rum has always been a part of my life and has been always known to me. A new appreciation for the spirit was realized when I started working at Mount Gay and understanding what really goes into to making the spirit what it is and personallyknowing those who bring this elixir to life.

3) The biggest achievement you personally feel you have accomplished for the rum industry.

My biggest achievement so far has been me being chosen to be a Brand Ambassador. Knowing who was in the role before me and the passion and gusto with which they carried out their duties, it felt great to know that they believed I could follow in these footsteps.

4) What is that thing that makes you want to continue in the rum industry?

Being a part of the industry for the past 6 years, I’ve seen countless changes amongst the category. The biggest of them would have to be the effort brands are taking to educate the masses about the spirit. This keeps me intrigued as to where the category could go.

5) Favorite Drink + Recipe

Mount Gay Black Barrel *generous pour*, squeeze of lime and Cranberry juice 3 1/2 oz

6) Where do you see the rum industry today and in the next 5 years?

Today I see the rum industry as the underdog in the fight to be recognized and taken seriously. In the next five years, the category would’ve gained more ground to being recognized as a premium spirit. With the popularity of social media and a consumer who is more concerned about what they are drinking, we will soon be singing “started from the bottom now we’re here” lol.

7) What do you think needs to happen to grow the premium category of rum?.

I believe the rum producers of the world need to come together and decide what are the most impactful things to know about the rum category in general? And ensure that whatever marketing is out, though speaking to your brand in particular, could still allow for the same message to be delivered across the world regardless of what rum is in hand.

8) Which rum would you recommend a person that:

a. Sipping Premium rum for the 1st time: Mount Gay XO
b. Likes Scotch Whisky: Mount Gay Black Barrel
c. Bourbon: Mount Gay XO
d. Gin/Vodka: Mount Gay Pure Silver
e. Cognac: Mount Gay 1703 Masters Select

9) Any final thoughts?

To all of the rum drinkers worldwide I encourage you to continue to explore the category of rum and introducing people to the brands you love! And always remind them that it’s not a case that they don’t like rum they probably just haven’t found a rum that suits their taste. Cheers.

10) How can people learn more about you? Website? Social Media Page?

You can follow me on instagram @darrioprescod

Author: Jose Hoffmann

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