Four Rums for right now!

At the Rum Lab, we are going to focus on 4 Rums that will go perfectly with the season. We want to shine a light on some gems that you can add to your collection, in -hopefully- the best season to meet them!

It is past the ‘dog days of Summer’, but it is still warm outside, lovely “warmish” seasons always lead me to lighter, drier styles of rum, rums that can stand up to ice, juice or even sip on their own. These four are perfect to beat the end of summer and beginning of the fall.

Bacardi Ron de Maestro
This is a blend of rums that has been aged up to 3 years, and then filtered through coconut shell charcoal. The rum is fruit forward, with floral and vanilla notes that balance against tinges of walnut, oak, sweet hints of coconut and almond to create a taste that is laid-back –yet full of flavor. This is a fantastic rum, can be enjoyed neat, on ice or let it shine in a cocktail.

Damoiseau 110
Rhum Agricole from Guadeloupe, Damoiseau 110 is titillating and strong. The aromas are dominantly floral with grassy aromas playing a huge support, but the resplendent tropical fruits that play as accents are mesmerizing. These balance quickly on the palate and reveal earthy notes before going back to tropical fruits and finishing with dry, clean minerals. Try this beauty neat, on ice or in a fine beverage.

Ron Cartavio Silver
This a surprising rum from Peru that has been aged at 2 years. The aromas are sweet and creamy, caramel, coconut, butter icing and a melange of fresh fruits with a snappy back note of spice. The flavor flips and leads with the spices resolving quickly on the creamy, soft fruit and vanilla. As the flavors fade, there is lovely citrus zest that shows up on the finish. This is a solid rum, with excellent depth.


Real McCoy 3 year
The rum is a wonderful spirit from Barbados that has been aged for at least 3 years and had its color filtered out. This rum’s aromas start very subtle with good clean alcohol as the first sniff, but with time those scents evolve. There is all manner of fruit –berries, bananas, mango, a variety of citrus, kiwi, pear with a supple creamy vanilla playing a support role. Flavors follow in an even more subtle demonstrating and finish with surprising length; quite tasty!

Now each of these would be perfect in a Daiquiri, or on the rocks, but on these long hot days, you need to stay hydrated. Why not try a Rum Ricky (a shot of rum <or Rhum>, a generous squeeze of lime, soda water, and ice), or a Rum <Rhum> & Tonic. Simple drinks–fantastic flavor!

Author: Fede

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