4 Rums for March

As we enjoy this last twinges of Winter and anticipate the arrival of Spring, change is in the air. Here at Rum Lab, we like to show fantastic rums for you to seek out and add to your collection, that wont change, we pick 4 Rums each month to shine a light on. This month our selections will be from a group that I call “drinkers”. These are rums that are versatile, you can sip them or mix them, put them on ice or make a cocktail they present a multitude of options that entice and are perfect to enjoy. These are fantastic rums, and will be wonderful additions to your collection!

Ron Abuelo 7

Ron Abuelo is Panamanian rum aged for a minimum of 7 years and made at a distillery that has been family owned for 3 generations, the rum is distilled from estate-grown sugar cane. The nose shows tea, cocoa, fresh cut lumber, caramel, honey, wood spices, and leather. These scents achieve a balanced demonstration on the palate with added floral tones and the slightest bit of alcohol showing through. The rich, full mouth feel lingers onto the finish with a spicy warmth that reveals earthy vanilla and restates leather, baking spice, toffee, and caramel. This is a delicious, giving rum.

Don Q Añejo

Don Q is made by Distileria Serrallés in Puerto Rico. After distillation and filtration, it is aged for 3 to 7 years in American oak before being blended and bottled. Pleasant aromas of caramel, straw, vanilla, allspice, leather, white flowers, overripe fruit, and oak compel you to take a sip. The flavors begin sweet with vanilla, molasses, some citrus, dried fruits and oily nuts but transitions into drying minerals, flowers, spice and herbs. This rum has a nice mouthfeel, interesting palate activity and a broad spectrum of flavors, especially for a lighter style rum. The finish is moderate and gracious with toasty oak spice and some tobacco notes that linger. Try this rum it is wonderfully versatile.

Plantation Barbados 5

Bottled by Cognac Ferrand, Plantation Barbados 5 Rum is a precious gem available at a price that will tempt any true rum lover. The aromas reveal sauteed plantains, vanilla, molasses, oak nuance, caramelized honey and clean, fresh ground spices. On the palate, more tropical fruits are revealed— stewed papaya, coconut, grilled pineapple, toasted oily nuts, plump raisins and brown sugar the mouthfeel is rich, full and giving. The finish lingers and is clean—showing hints of caramel and delicate dried fruit. This is unbelievably good rum.

Clement VSOP

Clément VSOP Rhum Agricole begins as fresh sugar cane juice which is fermented, masterfully distilled, rested, and then aged for over a year in small, new French oak Barrels– only to be moved into Bourbon Barrels for more than 3 years of additional extensive aging– the results are amazing. The scents include baked banana, chocolate milk, grilled pineapple, cryptic spice, creamy coconut and nuts with dried tropical fruit. The flavor follows suit but in a more focused manner. It has a medium body, replete with delicate restatements of exotic fruits baked into flaky pastries, crowned with creme anglais with temerarious peppery piquancy to keep the palate spirited. It ends with a honied, dynamic dalliance that intrigues over and over again.

Well, there are your Four Rum for March! These rums are lovely to sip, serve on ice, the will elevate your cocktails, fantastic served with clean soda & a twist, in a classic cocktail or fruity festive drink. However, you enjoy rum/ron/rhum these will not disappoint. Thanks so much for joining us on these rum journeys and we hope that these delicious rums/rhums bring you many fun taste experiences.

Author: Fede

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